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Walker Standardbreds
One of the top Standardbred breeding farms in Illinois
...where dreams of owning a winning Standardbred racehorse can come true.
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2017 Fox Valley Yearlings

Dam Sire Sex Name
Anything You Ask Sportsmaster F Fox Valley Genie
Deja Vu Guru Sportsmaster F Fox Valley Jezebel
Epona Sportsmaster F Fox Valley Zelda
Fox Valley Amelia Sportsmaster C  
Fox Valley Cherub Yankee Skyscaper F Fox Valley Hotcake
Fox Valley Estella Richess Hanover F  
Fox Valley Flora Sportsmaster F Fox Valley Lolo
Fox Valley Vienna Sportsmaster C Fox Valley Felix
Hereshecomesagain Yankee Skyscaper F Fox Valley Torrid
Hot Shot Michelle Sportsmaster F Fox Valley Sloan
Kimmy Yankee Skyscaper F Fox Valley Sally
Love You More Muscle Mass C For Trots Sake
Madcap Escapade Powerful Emotion F Fox Valley Elicit
Memory Maker Pizzazzed F Fox Valley Circe
Miss Swift Sportsmaster F Fox Valley Arya
Ms Brittania Pizzazzed C Fox Valley Cruise
No Shopping Sportsmaster C  
Pacific Sister K Sportsmaster C Fox Valley Triton
Palen Power Sportsmaster C Fox Valley Dynamyt
Racy Roz Pizzazzed C Fox Valley Remi
Red Hot Lady Sportsmaster F Fox Valley Stefani
Redhot And Rich Sportsmaster F Fox Valley Lil Kim
Rons Girl Sportsmaster F Fox Valley Halsey
She Likes It All Yankee Skyscaper F Fox Valley Gigi
She's Redhot Sportsmaster C Fox Valley Viper
Theladyappealstome Sportsmaster C Fox Valley Testify
Thongundrcolrsoops Yankee Skyscaper F Fox Valley GString
Tyler Too Sportsmaster C Fox Valley Boomin
Yankee Blue Sportsmaster F Fox Valley Minka
Yankee Victory OM Pizzazzed C Fox Valley Jazzman


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