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Land of Lincoln Standardbred Sales Co. Yearling Sale

Fox Valley yearlings will be sold at auction at the Land of Lincoln Standardbred Sales Co sale held every year at Walker Standardbreds, located in Sherman, Illinois. This auction generally consigns about 100 yearlings with the majority being Fox Valley Yearlings.

Sunday, August 14, 2016 - Noon

To Request a catolog or for more information contact:

Land of Lincoln Standardbred Sales Co., Inc.
4610 Heron Drive
Lake In The Hills, IL 60102
Phone: 847-669-8668
Email: landoflincolnsale@comcast.net


7793 Farrand Road • Sherman, IL 62684 • 217-496-2378 or 217-496-2616 • Fax: 217-496-2370 • http://www.walkerstandardbreds.com